Our Story

Our Company History

Wright and Wright Attorneys at Law, Inc. is a family-founded law firm that has devoted itself to estate planning, trust administration, and probate. Based on a commitment to recognizing and taking into account the unique circumstances surrounding each family, Wright and Wright has established a firm that cherishes relationships, builds trust, and utilizes a staff that is deeply committed to making the estate planning process reassuring, pleasant, stress-free, and fulfilling.

Robert and Judy matriculated together at the San Joaquin College of Law, in the fall of 1994. This mother and son had many classes together and were somewhat of a novelty at their law school. They were the first mother and son team to enroll together at SJCL. Upon graduation, Judy founded the firm in 1997, under the name “Law Offices of Judith Wright, Inc.” Rob joined her in 1998 and the firm adopted its current name in 2005. They have realized their dream of building their own firm from the ground up. It wasn’t easy! However, the results were worth it. The firm has matured into just the type of relationship-oriented practice they envisioned.

With the conviction that the client would always come first, the Wrights developed a client-centered experience that emphasizes service, compassion, technical expertise, and a commitment to going the extra mile. Together with a wonderful team of dedicated staff, Judy and Rob have built a firm that is committed to making the estate planning process reassuring, pleasant, stress-free, and fulfilling. 

Now that online legal services are becoming routine, the Wrights have expanded their practice to serve clients 100% virtually. Current technology allows the firm to assist any resident of California with the creation of an estate plan, without the need for in person meetings at our office.